Volunteering in Ray-Pec

Volunteers are important to the success of school district programs and activities. Many individuals volunteer to assist school staff with events and activities such as field days, class parties, book fairs, PTA dances, etc. Individuals volunteering in this capacity are categorized as Level III Volunteers

and must follow the same protocol as any other school visitor.  

A second category of volunteers assist in ways in which they may interact with small groups or individual students while under the supervision of a District employee.  Volunteering as a tutor, reading buddy, field trip chaperone, business partner, or school Watch D.O.G are examples of opportunities in this category.  These individuals are considered  Level II Screened Volunteers.

For the safety of students, staff, and volunteers, individuals who wish to serve as a Level II Screened Volunteer MUST complete a screening process which includes a criminal background records check as well as a Missouri Family Care Safety Registry check. The total costs of these background checks is $20.25 and is submitted online with the applications. 


Step 1: Complete the District Volunteer Application and submit the $5 criminal background check fee. 


Step 2: Complete the Missouri Family Care Safety Registry and submit the $15.25 fee. 

Family Care Safety Registry



Although rare, there may occasionally be an individual who volunteers in a role that creates access to student records and/or the possibility of working with an individual student or a group of students without the direct supervision of a District employee. An example would be a volunteer athletic coach or student intern partner. This is considered a Level I Screened Volunteer.  A volunteer wishing to serve in this capacity will be interviewed by District staff and must complete a criminal background check through the Missouri Highway Patrol as well as complete the Missouri Family Care Safety Registry. 


We have provided answers to Frequently Asked Questions regarding becoming a volunteer in our District. If you have additional questions or need clarification, you can contact your child's school secretary or email RP.Volunteer@raypec.org.