Personnel News Sept. 19, 2019

New employees

The Board on Sept. 19, 2019, approved hiring these new employees:

  • Steven Ayers, Paraprofessional, East Middle School, effective Sept. 23.
  • Kendall Burke, Paraprofessional, Raymore Elementary, effective Sept. 23.
  • Elaine Christie-Cowan, Student Monitor, Bridle Ridge Elementary, effective Sept. 11.
  • Jeni Cobb, Childcare Assistant, Raymore Elementary, effective Sept. 6.
  • Kimberly Cummings, Custodian, Ray-Pec Academy, effective Aug. 29.
  • Courtney Dawson, Student Monitor, South Middle School, effective Sept. 11.
  • Christine Drews, Crossing Guard, Raymore Elementary, effective Sept. 9.
  • Terri Greufe, Nurse, Bridle Ridge Elementary, effective Sept. 17.
  • Gretchen Jellison, Paraprofessional, Eagle Glen Elementary, effective Sept. 16.
  • Lauri Koetting, Custodian, Creekmoor Elementary, effective Aug. 26. This is an internal transfer.
  • Jennifer Lattimer, Paraprofessional, South Middle School, effective Aug. 27.
  • Tiffany Lindsey, Cook, High School, effective Sept. 5.
  • Kimberly Mallinson, Paraprofessional, High School, effective Sept. 19.
  • Adam Miller, Custodian, High School, effective Aug. 29.
  • Jersey Montgomery, Childcare Assistant, Peculiar Elementary, effective Aug. 26.
  • Julie Newkirk, Paraprofessional, Timber Creek Elementary, effective Sept. 23.
  • David Sager, Paraprofessional, High School, effective Sept. 9.
  • Kassidy Smith, Custodian, High School, effective Sept. 16.

Retirement and resignations

The Board on Sept. 19, 2019, approved these retirements and resignations:

  • Stephanie Cox, Paraprofessional, Eagle Glen Elementary, resignation, effective Sept. 2.
  • Iretha Nichols, Custodian, South Middle School, resignation, effective Sept. 10.
  • Rochelle Swisher, Cook, Timber Creek Elementary, resignation, effective Aug. 26.
  • Leah Sword, Cook, High School, resignation, effective Aug. 16.
  • Cheryl Tipton, Bookkeeper, Administrative Services Center, retirement, effective Dec. 31.
  • Hollie Williams, Childcare Assistant, Raymore Elementary, resignation, never started.

Extra Duty Positions

The Board on Sept. 19, 2019, approved these extra duty positions:

  • Vanessa Beere, Robotics, South Middle School
  • Richard Lally, Robotics, East Middle School
  • Angela Stein, Robotics, South Middle School

The Board also approved the resignation of Anne Mussatti as Forensics Assistant Coach at the High School.


The Board on Sept. 19, 2019, approved hiring these substitutes:

  • Sarah King
  • Sydney Rennick
  • Lazara West-Fielder