Students of the Month 2020-2021

Students of the Month May 2021


Front row, from the left: 8th Grade – Jacob Roither, Mason Rew, and Darnell Timley. Not pictured: Antonia Baeza. Middle row: 7th Grade – Dallas Hall, Miles Sugar, Derriona Mason-Kemp, and Franco Rudolph. Top row: 6th Grade –Rafia Ahmed, Wyatt Shewmaker, Carson Chamberlain, and Moriah Tucker.

Front row, from the left: 7th Grade – Maicy Cates, Michaelangelo Gilbert, and Amber Fellhauer. Not pictured: Olivia Garcia. Middle row: 8th Grade – Aiden Kratofil, Mikaela Saure, and Grace Vest. Not pictured: Dominic Phillips. Top row: 6th Grade – Sonam Jathaul, Caden Winkler, Jada Abioye, and Michael Toska.

Students of the Month April 2021

EMS April SOM 1
EMS April SOM 2

Front row from the left: 8th grade: Christian Bartow, Peyton Johnson, Hannah Rayburn, and Jersey Clark-Fortsch. Middle row: 7th Grade – Clinton Olson, Ashlynn Wilkowski, and Quintin Decker. Not pictured: Peyton Spiller. Top row: 6th Grade – Giana Hunt, Parker Varner, Grace Moran, and Harrison Smith.

Front row from the left: 8th Grade – Isabel Blakely, Paisley Park, Kyler Bates, and Jalyn Dickens-Forte. Middle row: 7th Grade –  Kash Gunter, Gabriella Young, Marisol Montrose, and Landon Younger. Top row: 6th Grade – Liam Barrows, Matylda Schnarr, Daxton Kesler, and Ryanne Osburn.

Students of the Month March 2021

EMS March SOM 2

Front row from the left: 8th Grade – McKenna Raymond, Logan Smoyer, Emren Lewis, and Ian Nooteboom. Middle row: 7th Grade –  Ellie Eskew, Xavier Fisher, Reygan Ackley, and Taylor Sredl. Top row: 6th Grade – Charlye Cozby, Aiden Mackesty, and Grant Kelly. Not pictured: Madison Lees.

Front row from the left: 8th Grade – Anieli Delgado, Kale Snook, Brooklynn Owens, and Cannon Page. Middle row: 7th Grade – Sabriel Jimison, Reid Teale, Alexander Basey, and Jeremy Wright. Top row: 6th Grade – Dominic Bradley-Piseno, Charlotte Fobes, Mylon Cooper, and Krystyna Meyer.

Students of the Month February 2021


Front row from the left: 8th Grade – Alexander Gawron, Maleiah Pippens, Taylor Roe, and Joshua Whitney. Middle row: 7th Grade – Lukas Bussard, Railey Zeysing, Skyler Oswald, and Shelby Thompson. Top row: 6th Grade – Kortney Johnson, Kristian Willey, Jaida Brown, and Phenix Pettet.

Front row from the left: 8th Grade – Grace Chambers, Ray Gabehart, Isaiah Cox, and Brookelyn Moles. Middle row: 7th Grade –Georgia Fluegge, Jordan Shockley, Cameron Price, and Fletcher Raymond. Top row: 6th Grade –Hadley Eder, Lane Gibson, and Graham Oldham. (Not pictured- Zavier Kirk).

Students of the Month January 2021


Front row from the left: 8th Grade – Phaedra Hickman, Jacob Schumacher, Evan Bestgen, Jadynne Mitchell. Middle row: 7th Grade –Abria Armstrong, SaMya Griffin, Ethan Adamson, Preston Hayslip. Top row: 6th Grade –Shaelyn Dominguez, Kyler Smith, Isaiah Atkins, (Not pictured- A’zana Williams)

Front row from the left: 8th Grade – Sydney Adams, Landon Dukes, Kali Schroeder, (Not pictured-Logan Mucha) Middle row: 7th Grade – Natalie Burns, Jacob R. Williams, Taylor Nussbeck, (Not pictured- Ethan Priest) Top row: 6th Grade – Mateo Garcia Tobar, Alexandra Panuco, Marley Ballenger, Brandon Martinez

Students of the Month December 2020

EMS SOM Dec. 2020 2
EMS SOM Dec. 2020 1

Front row from the left: 8th Grade – Serena Bursley, Julia Cox, Dean Johnson, Evan Campbell  Middle row: 7th Grade – SaMya Griffin, Darian Valle, Gary Deal, Brooklyn Meloy Top row: 6th Grade –Mya Collom, William Raymond, Paxtyn Scrivener, Zachary Sykes

Front row from the left: 8th Grade –  Makenna Copeland, Wyatt Cracraft, Blaine Buice, Connor Palmer  Middle row: 7th Grade – Ansley Harper, Chase Jackson, Kendyll Fuqua, Libby Reynolds Top row: 6th Grade – Jaia Henson, Keliko Montes, Maddox Martel, Gracie Moran

Students of the Month November 2020

EMS SOM Nov. 2020 1

Front row from the left: 8th Grade – Taryn Bower, Ethan Harper, Kynah Simmons, Kylie Smith Middle row: 7th Grade –  Olivia Berry, Maddoxx Jones, Kolsten Killpack, Kiefer Seeley Top row: 6th Grade – Conner Clote, Hadley Clevenger (not pictured), Cody Cahill (not pictured), Kyla Simmons

EMS SOM Nov. 2020 2

Front row from the left: 8th Grade – Ayden Cahill, Charleston Clark (not pictured), Abigail Guyer, Sarah Webster,  Middle row: 7th Grade – Levi Warner, Amanda Woodward, Addison Kesler, Penelope Sohl Top row: 6th Grade – Luke Hutsell, Adeline Swan, Cierra Hawley, Grace Talbert

EMS SOM Nov. 2020 3

Hadley Clevenger and Cody Cahill

Students of the Month October 2020

EMS SOM Oct. 2020 2
EMS SOM Oct. 2020 1

Front row from the left: 8th Grade – Alyssa Allen, Joshua Rennolds, Lillian Wisner, Carter Younger Middle row: 7th Grade – Kailee Burke, Zachary Houston, Ka’Shaun Craig, Taylor Sredl  Top row: 6th Grade – Clara Otta, Kahne Twenter, Cole Scammacca, Zoey Strimel

Front row from the left: 8th Grade –  Muhammad Bhatti, Reagan Sheedy, Paxtynne Pritchett, Jayden Fellhauer (not pictured)  Middle row: 7th Grade –  Erika Gray, Isaac Kelley, Braden Boehmer, Alivia Hoffner Top row: 6th Grade – Alyssa Garcia, Kayden Johnson, Chaz Eagan, Brooke Osman

Students of the Month September 2020

EMS SOM Sept. 2020 2
EMS SOM Sept. 2020 1

Front row from the left: 8th Grade – Madison Johnson, Landan Moots, Hailey Feagins, Keeton Scrivener (not pictured) Middle row: 7th Grade –  Brenna Simpson, Elijah Ramos, Leah Dover, Marisol Montrose Top row: 6th Grade – Adia Boyce, Lucas Hill, Laiba Babar, Ethan Mayberry

Front row from the left: 8th Grade –  Ashlin Jarrett, Jaidyn St. Peter, Isabel Bowen, Elijah Watts (not pictured)  Middle row: 7th Grade – Arianna Degondea, Lily Jenkins, Eli German, Jacob F. Williams Top row: 6th Grade – Duke McIntosh, Devin Williams, Alexis Jett, Noah LaSala